Pixie on the couch!

Head over to Pixie’s section and check out her latest video!


Pixie's Belly!

The latest Pixie clips has been added to her page!


Models moved to new archive page

In trying to keep the video page up to date with the technology as it progresses, Kody, Ms. Morgue, and Journey Faye have been moved to a new archive page. More models will be added to these types of pages as the site expands. All videos play as normal.

PLR vidyas.png

Cora belly!

Check out Cora’s latest shoot; upperbody tickled on the cot.

Cora belly gif.gif

Meg up next!

Meg takes her turn in the chairs!


More Kitty!

Check out another Kitty upperbody video!


Kitty Update!

Check out Kitty in the Privilege Checker!

KittyStocks 1.gif


New model Kitty joins PLR!


F/M added

Kyle Stocked has been added to the ‘One and Dones’ section!

Kyle 4.gif

More new Khrist!

Check out Khrist on the cot!

Check out Khrist on the cot!

Check out Khrist on the cot!

August Upload

Check out Sunday and Arabella double stocked! Video listed under Sundays page in the video section.

Sunday in Stocks

Check out Sunday's latest video, trying out the table stocks with her arms tied behind her back.

New month, new model!

Ring in the prime of Summer with the addition of our newest model and real-life girlfriend of Arabella, Ms Sunday!